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Rubén Gómez

Ruben Gómez was born in small town called La Carolina on april 5th as Aries star sign. Since he was a boy child he shown interest in arts, with a special and personal aesthetic point of view. That was the reason to study a degree in Art History in Granada University as a previous step to start his studies in fashion design in Istituto Europeo di design, meanwhile he used to work as a stylist for fashion magazines.

Pretty young he had the opportunity to capture his knowledge is his first fashion collection, that collection, It was presented in El Ego de Cibeles first edition ( Fall 2006). Consequently same year Rubén Gómez a.k.a. Gómez was hailed as a winner of the General Óptica young talent contest with the project Nerd Pc-Mac, the most important contest in glasses design in Spain. So 2006 is the year that Gómez was consacrated as a new fashion promise in the Spanish scene. So as to he was chosen to show his second and third collection in the next editions of El Ego de Cibeles and to be one of the creatives included in the 25 anniversary of «La Movida madrileña» celebration exhibition in the Arts Institute ( Circulo de Bellas Artes).

In 2007 Gomez was entrusted to create a jewelry collection for and Heritage jewelry makers, as a result he designed a milestone in the Spanish jewelry History called Challenger and Krypton, and space oddity make by silver and semiprecious stones.

At this point of his career the LVMH brand Loewe recruit him to be a part of the designers team, let him learn about luxury fashion system aesthetic and comercial interests. As a consequence Gómez started a new direction working for the most important Spanish retail companies ( Pepe Jeans, Blanco, El corte Inglés,…) as a designer and creative in many differents fashion areas: menswear, womenswear, men and women accessories, trends, consulting , and comunication.  

Ruben´s path meet again the Istituto Europea starting to collaborate as a Menswear teacher, and special projects in between IED and Adidas, or inditex group. 

In february of the last year won the Samsung Innovation Project contest with the  «Masdar coats» a radical approach to fashion and technology, the collection  was composed of seven smart parka jackets who transform into tents. 

Actually Gómez become a Gomez-site a experimental design and consultancy studio, working in many differents design areas ( not only into fashion), and special projects, teaching in the most prestigous fashion academies and he just launch with the jewellery designer Sara Lasry their jewellery unisex brand BIIS (www.biis.es)  and a Casting agente called RuCast.

we are not talking about a multidisciplinar designer we are talking about a single passion, design. 

Jesús Ming

Jesús Lozano, Design, creative direction and development of trends and the whole concept of Masdar theory. Diploma in Fashion Design by the IED Madrid in 2009, afterwards he is taking a Master in Graphic Design to complement his artistic training.

His passion for independent cinema leads him to collaborate with them as César Urbina Vitoria in the short film Akerbeltz -showed in Los Angeles Short Fest, Montreal Fantasy Film Festival or the FIB- and Javier Botet in his spoiler Murciélago as costume designer contributing always his personal vision of fashion applied to a less common aesthetic.

He spent several years working in the company Diseño10 as manager of design, trends and control of garment production throughout his process, manufacturing mainly for the well-known Spanish company El Corte Inglés.

After this time and with challenges in mind, in 2013 she created her own urban fashion firm KOTTÉ, where she created her world in charge of art direction and general image, garment design and all the production from beginning to end, brand with which He has made several cultural events in collaboration with other independent groups and thanks to what is available to open his own premises, to develop the management of events and a space in which to collaborate with other artistic disciplines.

In February 2015 he collaborated with GOMEZ in his Masdar Abrigos collection for the MB15WW AW15 parade, which is associated with the designer Rubén Gómez to form the Estudio Gómez, where he currently works, hand in hand with Rubén, managing design, production, events for the study, as well as for other brands.